Iayze Reverence 6

This one is going to need some explaining….Iayze Reverence March 7, 2023

The highly anticapated album is finally here and since its had a few weeks to settle its time to review the young artist from Fort Worth. Iayze has been growing in popularity with his catchy delivery combined with his antics on instagram. With songs that have blown up on tik tok like “556(Green Tip)and “Not a Blood (No Children)“.Not only that he is known for his versatility in songs like “Oh lord” and his F Iayze series where he takes a more melodic tone.

  1. Longevity (First listen) 5
    • I was excited to see that Iayze was dropping another project, and it being prod. by chief Keef I was anticipating more hard beats and not so melodic. Listening to the 29 track album it gave me mixed vibes. On one hand a lot of songs hit like right in the beginning but then gets muffled after a while when going through the large track list. While lastly even though for such a large list it does have a nice flow which is something that is hard to do.
  2. Longevity (few Weeks) 6.5
    • This will be my last quick update on albums moving forward it will be more space out time around the month-2 month mark to get a better sense of how it pushes with the fan base and sales. With that being said “Reverence” is not Iayze best project, not his worst project but it has great songs that have playback value. Although it is hard to get into other songs because of how many are on the tape. The mellow and slow vibe gives off a little repetitive feel after a few plays. Even though I love the songs on the tape.
  3. Album Analysis
    • The tape is respectable it hits in certain points and has bangers, but I don’t think it is for bangers after bangers. It a flow through a journey, go style shows how fake people be towards you and I see gives the Chief Sosa vibe and I think that is what makes Iayze so unique and versitile. Again Iayze shows a flow and emotion in his music that gives him multiple avenues shown in in tape.
  4. Top 5
    1. Laylow
    2. Go Style 2023
    3. Lets Diss Jace (F*ck iazye 4)
    4. Bed Side
    5. Are You Acknowledge ?
      • HM: How We Come To This? Like Sosa, Bang, Bang, Baby

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