Yeat-Afterlyfe 8.7

This album by the up and coming artist known as Yeat dropped his third studio album, Afterlyfe a little over a month ago lets compare how the album has been over this month. With his unique sound and flow it is well deserve that Yeat has been regarded as one of the biggest heavy hitters coming into 2023.

Since this is my first review I will explain how each category will be in the review…

  1. Longevity
  2. Song Ranking
  3. Album Analysis
  1. Longevity Rankings (First Listen) 7
    • From his first studio album titled “up 2 me” Yeat always starts his album with a bang and wants to keep it running. While this is true Afterlyfe took a different spin. In the first half most songs where aggressive and hard hitting while in the act 2 (songs after track 14), we see a more calmer melodic voice. With that being said a 7 from Yeat off the first listen may seem low but, Afterlyfe has a different feel then his previous drops.
  2. Longevity Ranking (Now) 9
    • Afterlyfe is going to have the Whole Lotta Red effect that we see from these type of artist. Artist that step out their regular lane and instead push another agenda also and they receive backlash (ex. Playboi Carti WLR). Where the fan base is upset with the first listen and instantly hate.

Analysis and Song Ratings

  1. The thing about Yeat is that he is really an artist that has shown that tik tok and social media can give you a real fanbase. He uses this to his advantage by dropping leaks and snippets on this album that automatically will go on tik tok such as Split and How it Go. The features on this album is even a different twist.A Although it does have the anticapated Youngboy feature there are no other outside features. Songs like Rav3 Party and Mean Feen has the mc Kranky Kranky and Now has a feature from Luh Geeky. These have been confirmed by Yeat to be his other personalities.

Act 1 (1-14)

In act one Yeat gives snippets, leaks and all his features love and gives us listeners m multiple different high powered vocals. A lot of rage beats with his iconic bells to ad flavor. In the first act imagine being at a concert for his mosh pits.

Act 2 (15-22)

These songs include a more chill vibe that sets the album off nicely with many catchy hooks and a more slower and a calmer Yeat.


In reality Yeat has used this project to make sure that he is here to stay. As he continues to rise to a mainstream artist while leaving the underground hip hop scene. Out selling Don Tolliver and selling over 50k first week.

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