What A Journalism Degree From Drake Can do

With a journalism degree from Drake University, you open the door to a wide range of exciting and meaningful career opportunities in the world of media and communication. Gaining the skills to have strong writing, research, and communication skills, giving you the opportunities of being a reporter, news anchor, or correspondent, where you’ll have the chance to report on important stories, inform the public, and contribute to the democratic process. While also being able to dive into the field of multimedia journalism, utilizing your skills in digital storytelling, video production, and social media management to engage audiences across various platforms. Moreover, with your Drake journalism degree, will prepare you for roles in public relations and corporate communications, enabling you to effectively convey messages, safeguard reputations, and cultivate strong connections with diverse stakeholders’ matter if it traditional journalism or embrace newer forms of media, a Drake journalism degree provides a solid foundation for a dynamic and impactful career in the ever-evolving field of journalism.

Majors Include

  1. Advertising
  2. Digital Media Production
  3. Magazine and Brand Media
  4. Multimedia Journalism
  5. Strategic Political Communication
  6. Open Communication
  7. Public Relations

Where to apply

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