Lebron vs Curry A Historic Clash This Time With a Twist

My main factors and prediction for the one of the biggest second round matchups in NBA History.

THE WEST- all season long the western conference has been the front runners in terms of talent, and excitement, and the playoffs have not disappointed.

How Will The Mismatches Match Up.

With Lakers having arguably the top big in the NBA when healthy in Anthony Davis it is already known where the Lakers will focus on getting AD working early and consistently. The thing is that was the problem the whole season, and mostly for Davis’s tenure in LA. With that being said Lakers fan may end up screaming for another LeGm trade in a couple weeks if they cannot contain Stephen Curry. Just coming off a 50 point performance against the Sacramento Kings in game 7, it will be a large difference for the Lakers guards. Going from an injured Ja Morant and more of a pest then a threat in Dillon Brooks. The Lakers have became a better defensive team since the trade deadline but the Warriors fast pace off-ball play. The Lakers interior defense is for sure there specialty with Anthony Davis with him average 4.3 blocks per game against the Grizzlies last round. Also with the rebounding number being high from both teams the team with the better frontcourt has the better chance.

Can The Warriors Win In LA?

The whole regular season the Warriors have been terrible on the road and is really a tale of two stories. With their home record being top three in the league at 33-8. Their abysmal road record being 11-30 that landed them with the sixth seed. The Lakers are not elite at home only being 27-25 if the Warriors do as much as steal one game it could be ugly for Lebron in company.While that record was all year the Lakers are still the hottest team entering the playoffs being 16-7 adding that to their playoff record that would be 20-9. With the aquisitions of D’Angelo Russell and Rui Hachimura both having multiple 20+ point games last round this new look is continuing to rise.

Can the Lakers New Bench Additions Combat Against Poole?

Both teams have strong contributors off the bench that can provide a spark. With the Lakers having a more all around bench filled with shooting length and experience. Does that even matter? The Warriors the guard play that is deep and diverse. With Poole, Payton II, and DiVincenzo it is evident where both teams will rely on for heir offense.


With that being said…Lakers in 6. Its very evident why I chose the Lakers and in six games. I think that game 1 Curry will be still on fire after his 50- point bomb dropped in Sacramento last week and it will feed of the energy of the crowd and the lakers will crumble. Although game 1 may be like that seeing how both teams are. They both will lay eggs at home splitting their first two home stints but the Lakers will glide through game 5 and 6. Especially with Lebron doing this back in 2016 with winning a crucial game five in Golden State, but this time going back home and finishing the series in six instead of extending it.

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